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AXION is the market leading inflatable tent choice for those who wish to draw attention with an impactful and safe outdoor space without any compromises.

This modern and slim inflatable structure, made of strong polyester skin and sealed polyurethane bladders, provides excellent stability even in extreme weather conditions. The structure is extremely flexible and safe. Since it is sealed, there is no need for a permanent electric connection. Simply inflate it by hand or electric pump. The whole tent surface is fully printable by using dye sublimation technology. Even the largest tent in our product line will fit in your car and can be set up quickly with only 1-2 people.

Unplug your inflatable tent - make your metal tent safer - go AXION!
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Zip-off changeable roof

Stay within your budget and get more than one roof for the inflatable structure. The simple zip-off system will allow you to change your roof anytime. Additionally, for a pagoda shape, simply add the pagoda roof.

Reversible walls

Never ending dilemma – should you order artwork to face inside or outside the tent? No problem with AXION inflatable tents – all walls are reversible. You can also get double walls with an opaque layer inside, mosquito walls, panorama walls, section walls and more.

High quality fire retardant

We use high quality Polytex FR and Fastex FR (100% polyester) fabric, made in Europe. It is certified in accordance with European norm EN 13501-1.

All over sublimation
transfer print

As we do not buy premade tents from far East but produce them ourselves completely, it is easy for us to print on each tent upon demand. For our inflatable tents and furniture, we use the newest technology for dye sublimation printing, as well as, automatic cutting and welding. Standard delivery time is 4 weeks.

4 models in 11 sizes

Square, Lite, Hexa or Shell – this 4 models are available in 11 different sizes, ranging from 11 m2 to 56 m2.

Efficient roof area

An efficient roof area is also an important feature of our tents. AXION’s efficient roof area varies from 61% to 76% depending on the model. This we can call a ROOF to welcome ..


Each model and size of the AXION product line fits together by using connection tunnels. Open sides can be equipped with different types of side walls or inflatable visors. There are also plenty of universal accessories, such as top and base lights, pumps or ballast bags.

Fully serviceable by user

It is a life. Usually you get some damage at the moment, when you need your tent up. If there is ever damage done to your tent, a reserve bladder and repair kit is available for most AXION models. Thanks to the zip-off roof and the central tube connector, any user can change the inflatable tube onsite within a few minutes without having to send the tent out for service! We can say our tents are extremely reliable.

Extreme safety

Thanks to detachable horizontal beams, AXION is one of the safest inflatable tents on the market. Tested for up to 100 km/h and certified for 60 km/h, it can withstand the most extreme of weather conditions. The structure is very flexible and will keep those in the tent safe during strong winds. AXION is designed to bend and twist with the wind and back to its original shape.

Completely developed
and produced in E.U

We are not playing „engineering“, we are simply developing and producing. We have developed an excellent tent that we are still striving to make even better. ZEPELIN has an internal team of 55 skilled people, producing and servicing inflatable tents and furniture in modern production facilities in Slovakia, having already exported to 39 countries on 5 continents.

Fantastic wind resistance

In May 2013, we conducted a series of wind tests to prove the resistance of the AXION Inflatable tents. The result was amazing – with the exception of the Shell, which by its open shape is naturally nonresistant (but still withstood 50 km/h!) – all other models showed excellent wind resistance. Proven resistance of AXION Hexa 44 and 55, Lite 44 and 55 and Square 77 is about 85 km/h, Square 66 is 90 km/h and Square 44 and 55 is 100 km/h! This was a great base for the whole certification process.

wind test

watch_video watch amazing real wind resistance video

AXION news

Set of AXION Hexa 55 for CASE

We finished prestigious order of 6 units Hexa 55 for Case IH.

AXION 33 Lite is available

From now on, you can get a perfect new model of AXION Lite, size 3,3 x 3,3m.

New AXION web page

Such a great product must have a separate page! Here it is ..

AXION and PNEU sets for VW

We have produced nice sets of AXION and PNEU objects for VW.

years of professional production
of inflatable structures
countries on 5 continents
are covered with our exported products
m2 of development and production space
ready to satisfy any challenge
quality certificate ISO 9001:2008
and environmental certificate ISO 14001:2004